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Konica Minolta Nassenger V -
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Textile Printer KONICA MINOLTA Nasenger V

Konica Minolta's Nassenger V digital ink jet textile printer system has been gaining popularity as an innovative printing system that meets industry's growing demand for short run production with enhanced design capability. Among other benefits it has brought, the digital printing technology has notably eliminated the time and labor involved in plate-making and ink blending in conventional screen textile printing.

Konica Minolta's Nassenger V offers enhanced productivity and a high quality fine image with high solid density through the use of high resolution multi-nozzle printheads internally developed to a state-of-the art level. Quality

An image with superior edge acuity, solid density and continuous tone characteristics is enabled at a level corresponding to the highest professional standards of the industry.

The image and quality refinement possible through the digital printing of textiles goes far beyond what conventional screen printing can achieve. The fine chemistry, color image science and electro-mechanical engineering which are integral to the Nassenger V are the product of 130 years of development history at Konica Minolta. Productivity

Real productivity is derived from the high-level engineering that has been invested in the development of Konica Minolta's printhead technology.

18 pl fine droplets ejected from a total of 4096 nozzles enable a maximum print speed of 60 m2/hr without any loss in resolution. The Nassenger V embodies the highest level of reliability and stability that can be required of production hardware. Reliability

Konica Minolta systems enjoy an uncontested reliability which has been attained through our work over years in pioneering the market.

This has been enabled through the utilization of our own in-house-developed piezo printheads and through the integration of fail-safe control systems. Profitability

Maximized profitability for the user of the Nassenger V system is enabled through the incorporation of a range of labor-saving and efficiency-enhancing features.

This digital plate-less system maximizes user profits by providing quick customer response with minimized inventory. The pursuit of efficiency has brought new opportunities for creatives to generate value for users. Safety & Environment

The Nassenger V is an operator and eco friendly system that conforms to strict environmental regulations.

Non-toxic materials have been selected through Konica Minolta's product assessment process. In addition, compared with conventional dye processes, the inkjet dye process reduces total energy consumption by about 50 %. General environmental load is reduced to less than 2 %, resource consumption to less than 1% and waste to less than 4 %.

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